Surge Protection Services in Montreal and in Laval

After spending thousands of dollars on new and exciting electronic devices, having them damaged or destroyed by an electrical surge is a nightmare that unfortunately is a reality for many in the Montreal area. In fact, the average Canadian home suffers from nearly 2000 surges every year. That is why Electrika is Montreal's choice for surge protector installation and inspection. If our surge protection services in Montreal and in Laval interest you, call us today.

Causes and Effects

There are two types of surges in regards to residential electrical systems: internal and external. Internal surges account for nearly half of all damaging power surges, and are caused by the very appliances and electronics that can be damaged by them, such a fridge compressor starting up or shutting off. These small internal surges can cause cumulative damage to electronics, which may not be apparent until costly repairs are needed or the device is irreparably damaged. External surges are caused mostly by acts of god such as lightning, however proximity to industrial areas and localized power outages can also be sources of external surges. These types of surges, without proper two stage surge protection, can instantly destroy electronic equipment, and even appliances such as microwaves.

Power Surge Protection

Electrika offers a two-stage approach to surge protection and prevention, which protects your entire house inside and out:

Stage 1 Primary Protection:

A hard-wired surge protector is installed between your utility entry point and your home's circuit breaker panel. This device allows for regular power levels to flow freely, but will prevent sudden, extreme power surges such as from a lightning strike from entering your home.

Stage 2 Secondary Protection:

A certified surge protection device is installed at the point of use, between the wall socket and your electronic device. By using both primary and secondary protection in tandem, you can get up to 30% more life out of your electronic equipment.

Some Facts & Figures:

  • The average home is hit with up to 20 spikes a day.

  • Over 40% of computer data loss is caused by minor surges impacting your computer system and data storage.

  • A power surge that lasts less than 1/100th of a second can carry anywhere from ten volts to over one thousand, depending on the source.

We are so confident in the need for two stage surge protection that if you purchase two stage surge protection with any new circuit breaker panel installation by Electrika, we will offer a lifetime guarantee on the panel and breakers. CALL US to get a free quote!


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